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For a calendar of outdoor sports events news in the Philippines you have found the best place. The GetWet Philippines outdoor sports calendar, blog, video library and photo gallery feature outdoor sports throughout the year in the Philippines; there is always a sports something going on outdoors in the Philippines and GetWet will give you the information to get you there.

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The most complete calendar of outdoor sports events in the Philippine available anywhere on the Internet. Constantly updated with new event information, provided by outdoor sports event organizers around the country. Stay up to date: visit the sports events calendar every week; or, sign up for the monthly newsletter . . .




International Womens Surfing Cup
International womens surfing at Cloud 9, Siargao, for the best surf break and surf photography

Cloud 9



Romblon 3 Islands Challenge
Romblon 3 Islands Challenge for catamarans, yachts, jet skis and kayaks

Romblon, Romblon



Siargao International Surfing Cup
International Surfing Cup fantastic surf awesome Cloud 9 break in super friendly Siargao paradise

Cloud 9, Siargao Island



All Souls Regatta 2015
All Souls Regatta 3 day sailing / parties Puerto Galera, Philippines' largest yachting event

Puerto Galera

The Philippines Islands have more outdoor sports variety for total immersion than almost any other country on the planet: on water, under water, above water, underground, along rivers, across lakes, up mountains, down rapids, through forests, off bridges, on roads and beyond the horizon. The only thing that you cannot find in the Philippines is snow and, to be quite honest, that's the way we like it.

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